Nominating Team

Nominating Team

Did you know that TSP has a Nominating Team?  Our purpose is to match people to the different committees, circles and boards of the church.  Our next major task is to find people who would like to be part of the Search Committee for the new minister. At our congregational meeting on December 11, we will hear about this important journey of calling our new minister.

Here is some background information on the Interview/Search committee:

It is expected that people on this committee will work for up to a year or more, beginning in late February 2017.  It is hoped that the minister will begin by January 2018.   The frequency of meetings will vary through the various stages of the committee’s work, but one can expect weekly meetings  at some points.  Some full day meetings may be required for interviews. It is important that all members attend each meeting whenever possible and always during interviews. A full job description for the committee is available on the TSP Website or at the back of the church.

Does this sound like a role you could play?  Do you know someone who you think would be great for this committee?  If you are interested yourself, or if you know of someone who you would like to be considered for this committee, please check with them to ensure they are willing to serve and then speak to one of us or send along an email with your suggestion(s) by Sunday, Dec. 18th.

We will add all of the names we receive into our pool of possible candidates and consider the best fit based on a number of factors (i.e. diversity with respect to gender identity, racial identity, age, length of time with congregation, skills, teaming, etc.) The proposed slate will come to our Congregational Meeting in January for approval.

We look forward to hearing from you by Dec. 18th for this important task. We will be working on the larger Lay Ministry Nominating opportunities in the New Year.  Thank you.

In faith,

The Nominating Team

Betsy Anderson <>

Bill Fallis <>

Jeanne Moffat <>

Christmas Celebrations and Services 2016

Christmas Celebrations and Services 2016

Monday, December 5 ~ 7:00pm

Quiet Christmas


Sunday, December 18 ~ 10:30am

 Children’s Church present a Pageant


Sunday, December 18 ~ 7:00pm

 Carols and Readings

Featuring the Choir of Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church, and The Every One Can Sing Choir (VIVA! Youth Singers of Toronto)

Free will offering in support of Music Ministry at Trinity-St. Paul’s


Saturday, December 24 Christmas Eve

 7pm: Family Service

(joint service with Bloor St. United Church)

 10pm: Candlelight and Communion

(joint service with Bathurst St. United Church)


Sunday, December 25 ~ 10:30am

 “Mystery, Myth and Meaning – Celebrating Jesus’ Birth”.


Sunday, January 1 ~ 10:30am

New Year’s Service

(joint service  with Bathurst St. United Church in the Chapel)

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NOTICE: Website Updates – Archive post emails

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