Celebrating Unexpected Abundance

July 26 was the final of the four weeks on the theme Being Community in Change. What a wonderful example of unexpected abundance, that we also had a baptism, on behalf of Bathurst United Church! With Bathurst gathered with Bloor St United, Trinity-St. Paul’s and the baptismal family, there was a true sense of abundance in the service. This excerpt refers to two of the scripture readings: 2 Kings 4:42-44 and John 6:1-15.


So the fact that versions of this story appears both in our gospels (six times over the four gospels) and in our Hebrew scriptures speaks to a larger understanding of what our understanding of God is, an understanding of generous abundance that began far, far earlier than the life of Jesus. We’ll come back to these stories, but it’s worth asking: which of these stories do you like better? … Well, obviously I like them both, but here is the thing I like about the story of Elisha: I think it is a little more like our story. More often what we experience as congregations and communities is closer to Elisha. Often we might feel that we have 20 loaves, but clearly there is not enough. That there is something good going on here, but it is not enough – and not only that, there is no way that it could be enough. This story challenges us to think that our 20 loaves can be enough. That generosity and sharing and community can create a situation of abundance.


Questions for reflection:

Where have you discovered unexpected abundance in your lives and communities?

How can we celebrate the abundance that exists?



of the sermon is also available.

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