Divestment Diary – Part 1

Divestment Diary – Part 1

May 21.2014

  1. Trinity St Pauls’ (TSP) primer, pamphlet, and cross references are all available online: http://www.trinitystpauls.ca/climate-justice
  1. Other groups on divestment:

a)    “Fossil Free Faith: Canadian Interfaith Divestment Network”

This Canadian network is forming, under support of `Greening Sacred Spaces.

Jeanne, Greg and Jim were on the opening Canada wide conference call.

Stay tuned. It may launch in July.

If you have friends in other denominations and faiths, talk up the divestment campaign…

The “3F’s” themselves may be making information and resources available to us when they get established.

b). Toronto 350.org

is incorporating themselves for stability for their campaign to have the UJ of T Senate divest the university funds from the 200 biggest fossil fuel companies. TSP borrowed ideas and energy from this group, whose President Stuart Basden spoke in our church.,. Ann Russell attended that meeting for us.

From her report: “ Most of the meeting was dedicated to elections of executive positions, which people hold for a three month term. They have found meeting space at the Steelworkers Hall beginning in June and will only on occasion need to schedule elsewhere if the hall is booked. The group is primarily focused now on coordinating buses and accommodation for people going from Toronto to New York for the Climate Summit the weekend of September 23rd”.            Work on the UofT divestment is at a bit of a standstill as the President has not been able to get enough people on the committee to review. Probably difficult over the summer. They are looking at ways to spread knowledge of the campaign and make it interesting and cool on campus this fall, possibly producing a video. They will be marching in the Pride parade which is great exposure.”

Churches also need to be represented there!  http://www.climateweeknyc.org/

Look for 350.org extensive info distribution on Face book, and on their web site; also on GoFossilFree.org – a record of those who have taken or are working on divestment action… 

  1. Resources:

c). Roger Townshend, a lawyer in the TSP group passes on this book review on `Oil, Law and Lawlessness” (apologies to the group for duplication)

Interesting book review:


d) “The moral and financial case for divesting from Fossil fuel companies”. by John Dillon of KAIROS: who have posted our primer on Divestment on their site- www.kairoscanada.org


e). Climate treaties, Climate defenders: May 2nd.

Certainly an issue of Climate Justice and something that we should build into the network of actions.
It may not be an easy to link to divestment – but I am sure it is connected to through the actions of companies working with governments in various countries. Consider the proposed law to make it illegal to call for divestment (in Australia)
Divestment is a lightning rod- a tactic – in terms of the long-term goals. It is also a lightning rod in terms of sparking education and conversations. Did people see the article in the UC Observer this week (complete with a quote from Jeanne)?

Walter Whiteley


Justice Note is a bi-weekly summary of information from The Social Justice Project of Toronto Southeast Presbytery… This information can be found at https://torontoconference.ca/torontosoutheast/outreach-social-justice-project.php

This wide ranging newsletter comes from Beth Baskin, listing a large group of projects/causes/actions here in Toronto region. The newsletter mentions the TSP resolution on divestment, which was picked up in the UK Guardian Weekly

Beth is working with us on getting our divestment resolution on to presbytery and hopefully on its way to General Council.