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Hymn Blog - February 5, 2012

By PStott - Posted on 31 January 2012

February 5, 2012

VU 460 – All Who Hunger. This text by the late Sylvia Dunstan uses the image of manna in the wilderness for the bread of communion. It is set to the tune HOLY MANNA, written in the early nineteenth century and found in Southern Harmony, published by William Walker in South Carolina in 1835. The text of the first verse of the original words to this tune are:
Brethren, we have met to worship,

And adore the Lord our God;
Will you pray with all your power,
While we try to preach the word?
All is vain unless the Spirit
Of the Holy One comes down;
Brethren pray and holy manna
Will be showered all around.

PFAS 147C – Sing to God, with Joy and Gladness. This text and tune (GLENDON) are by John Bell and are found in Psalms for All Seasons (2012), a new publication from Reformed sources in the United States, containing multiple metrical settings of the Psalms. This is a setting of Psalm 147, the Psalm lection for the day. 
John Bell was born in, resides in, and belongs to Scotland. He is a liturgical composer who writes co-operatively with colleagues in Glasgow; he has a deep interest in music from non-European cultures and a passion for song of the Assembly. Though his primary vocation is as a preacher and teacher, he spends over half his time working in the areas of music and liturgy, both at conferences and in small parishes, and his work takes him frequently into Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. With his colleagues, he has produced over 15 collections of songs and octavos, and a wide range of liturgical materials, particularly for use by lay people.

VU 613 – We Cannot Measure How You Heal. This hymn from the Iona Community was written for use at healing services, and was published in Love from Below (1989). The setting, ANGELUS, was first published in Heilige Seelen-Lust (1657) and is attributed to Georg Joseph, a musician who edited the collection.

MV 194 – Bread of Life, Feed My Soul. Author and composer
Stephen Spencer is a singer songwriter from Riverview, New Brunswick, who frequently resources church gatherings such a Youth Forum for the Maritime Conference of The United Church of Canada. Stephen is guitarist and vocalist for The Message, a five-piece ensemble who have recently released their first CD of sacred song.

MV 89 – Love Is the Touch. This lovely text by Alison Robertson, set to AMOR DEI by John Bell, also comes to us from the Iona Community.

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