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TSP Congregation

Worship of God, nurture of one another, and the struggle to be faithful to God’s purposes lie at the centre of our community and our outreach. We affirm that all who seek to live faithfully regardless of ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, race or sexual orientation are full participants and are urged to take full responsibility in the life, membership and leadership of the church.


As an Affirming congregation and a member of the Affirm United movement in the United Church of Canada we affirm the full participation of lesbian/gay/ bi-sexual/ transgendered/queer people in our life together.


We believe that all persons are equal before God; that the miracle of God’s creation is manifested through our many differences; and that racism is a sin and violates God’s desire for humanity.

The United Church of Canada Faith Statements


A New Creed (1968)

We are not alone,

we live in God’s world.

We believe in God:

who has created and is creating,

who has come in Jesus,

the Word made flesh,

to reconcile and make new,

who works in us and others

by the Spirit.

We trust in God.

We are called to be the Church,

to celebrate God’s presence,

to live with respect in creation,

to love and serve others,

to seek justice and resist evil,

to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,

our Judge and our Hope.

In life, in death, in life beyond death,

God is with us.

We are not alone.

Thanks be to God.

A Song of Faith (2006)

God is Holy Mystery,
beyond complete knowledge,
above perfect description.

in love,
the one eternal God seeks relationship.

So God creates the universe

and with it the possibility of being and relating.

God tends the universe,

mending the broken and reconciling the estranged.

God enlivens the universe,

guiding all things toward harmony with their Source.

Grateful for God’s loving action,
We cannot keep from singing.

With the Church through the ages,
we speak of God as one and triune:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We also speak of God as

Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer

God, Christ, and Spirit

Mother, Friend, and Comforter

Source of Life, Living Word, and Bond of Love,

and in other ways that speak faithfully of

the One on whom our hearts rely,
the fully shared life at the heart of the universe.

We witness to Holy Mystery that is Wholly Love…

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Thinking about church membership?

Church membership sessions are held twice a year, usually in the Spring and the Fall.

You can sign up at the Welcome Table in the Narthex after church services or contact us at for more information.

All are welcome.


Public Witness

• climate justice
• Aboriginal justice
• peace in the Middle East
• restorative justice

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Nurturing Community and Discipleship

• welcomes newcomers
• provides support for difficult life transitions

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Stewardship of Resources

• financial affairs of the congregation
• nurtures the practice of stewardship

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Worship and Faith Formation

• plans meaningful Sunday worship and other special worship experiences

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A Heritage on Bloor Street

In 1980, two long-established congregations join to form Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church. Founded in 1887 and 1889 respectively, St. Paul’s Avenue Road United Church and Trinity United Church had already contributed nearly 100 years each of dedicated service to the community, each seeking to live the love, justice and freedom of Jesus Christ. The fulfillment of this mission continues today in a lively and vital atmosphere.For more than a century, the familiar stone towers of Trinity-St. Paul’s have been a landmark on Bloor Street. The building represents the congregation’s community outreach for neighbourhood programs, social justice activities, educational forums, support services and the performing arts. It is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. And on Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. During the regular season, up to 2,500 people pass through its doors each week.

sanctuary may 2014

The History

Built in the Revived Romanesque style, Trinity-St. Paul’s stone was quarried from the Forks of the Credit River. It is part of the body of work of architect Edmund Burke, whose splendid buildings are so much a part of Toronto’s cityscape. In recognition of its fine architecture which is revolutionary in its democracy, Trinity-St. Paul’s has been designated as a Heritage Building by the Toronto Historical Board. Appreciation for the church’s architectural presence is widespread. In a column in the Toronto Star, Entertainment Editor Kathleen Kenna called Trinity-St. Paul’s “one of the most romantic venues in Toronto.” The sanctuary is built on an ampitheatre or auditorium plan emphasizing acoustics and visibility. This makes it an ideal location for musical performances as well as an enriching setting for worship.

Our Centennary

In 1987, just six years after the creation of Trinity – St. Paul’s the congregation created a centential retrospective booklet that told the stories of the two congregations and the reflected on their newly joint initiatives and preoccupations as a merged entity.


The Church Board is the governing body of the Trinity St. Paul’s United Church congregation. In conjunction with the Church Board, the Building Management Board and Board of Trustees manage the assets and resources that are vital to TSP life.

Church Board

The Board deliberates on those decisions that direct the spiritual and pastoral life as well as the stewardship and social responsibilities of TSP. It also provides a forum for discussion and planning of the life of the congregation. The Church Board makes final policy decisions and ensures their implementation.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees administers the capital assets and finances of TSP.

Building Management Board

Our Building Management Board and its staff are developing a sustainable model for our building, signaling our commitment to congregational and community use of our space for decades to come.