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The Trustee Board administers the capital assets and finances of TSP.


Here is a summary of their responsibilities:


  • To hold the real and personal property of the Pastoral Charge.
  • To obey the lawful orders and directions of the Congregation and of its Official Board and of the Presbytery and Conference within whose jurisdiction the Pastoral Charge is situated. And also of the General Council.
  • To administer and invest all capital funds in the name of the Pastoral Charge, within the terms of reference of the Congregation’s Investment Policy.
  • To ensure the Church has an effective Risk Management Programme and adequate insurance coverage.
  • To appoint the Sub-Committee on Building Management, receive its reports and monitor its performance.
  • To make recommendations to the Official Board with respect to the allocation of funds for building maintenance, caretaking and security costs as well as for major repairs, renovations and additions to the Church building.


An unabridged statement of the responsibilities and relationships of the Board of Trustees may be found in The Manual of The United Church of Canada, pages 141 to 145 and 316 to 325. (There is a link to The United Church Manual in the Important Links menu in the sidebar on this page).


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