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Dying is no more a purely individual act than living is. Like every great milestone in life, death is celebrated by a ceremony whose purpose is to express the individual’s solidarity with family and community. It is a time to celebrate gifts brought to the common life of which we are all a part. Funerals are critical times in which people are called to pause, to gather, to reflect and to lament a particular loss to a family and to the community.

A funeral is a rite of passage, an opportunity to celebrate a person’s life.
It is a time to support and comfort family and friends during the time of grieving.  It is a time to acknowledge that death is a part of life and that we are all woven together in a tapestry of community in relationship with God.


– Funeral services at Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church are provided for members, adherents and members of their extended families.
-Individual staff participation  in funerals outside the congregation’s parameters, is at the discretion of the Minister, in consultation with the Ministry and Personnel Committee.
– The regular TSP fee structure applies for funeral “space” requests from outside the congregation.
– The decision for the presence of media and/or cameras during funerals is at the discretion of the Minister, taking into consideration the wishes of the family.