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Sharing Resources to Build Community: Stewardship at Trinity St. Paul’s United Church

Stewardship is the offering of our time, talents and money as we participate in God’s mission. In the polity of the United Church of Canada, a stewardship committee is an important component of a congregation’s work and organization. At Trinity-St. Paul’s, the Church Board has described the purpose of the Stewardship Circle as follows:
To be responsible for the financial affairs of the congregation as set out in the relevant sections of The United Church of Canada Manual and to nurture the practice of stewardship in the congregation through prayer, communication and education.


  • Provide stewardship education for the congregation relevant to its ministry and mission and to the mission of the United Church…regional, national and global.
  • Recommend the annual budget for the congregation to the Church Board through a joint budget preparation procedure approved by the Church Board and in cooperation with the Building Management Sub-committee.
  • Disburse funds required for the operations of the congregation, excluding the operations assigned to the Building Management Sub-committee within the approved budget allocations.
  • Require the preparation of monthly financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and practices and review them regularly, making recommendations as necessary.
  • Present to the congregation’s annual meeting a detailed statement of the previous year’s receipts and expenditures, duly certified by an outside accountant appointed by the Church Board, and a statement showing the budget to carry on the work of the congregation for the ensuing year.
  • Report concerning the financial condition of the congregation to regular meetings of the Church Board and make recommendations regarding the means of securing adequate funding to sustain the appointed staff, the work of the congregation, the work of the wider church, including the use of envelopes, special fund raising activities and, in particular organizing the Season for Commitment.
  • Stimulate/motivate members of the congregation to practice stewardship through the gift of time, money, volunteer service and expertise in support of the life and work of the congregation.

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