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Season for Commitment House by the Children's Church

Season for Commitment House by the Children’s Church

Let Us Build A House Where Love Can Dwell

The Season for Commitment

During our Season for Commitment, we celebrate all the ways you are already giving to the richness of this faith family, from the small commitments of presence at a worship service or congregational gathering, to larger commitments, whether to circle and task group, justice or hospitality work, congregation membership, financial stewardship, or offering pastoral care and a welcoming presence for the communities around us. Each of us brings different gifts and commitments to this welcoming house that we build together. Thank you for all that you do!

Each year our lives and this house look a little different, and so we ask you to reflect on what gifts, contributions, and commitments you will bring to Trinity-St. Paul’s this coming year – how can these commitments contribute to our community, while also feeding your spirit?

As we look at the financial side of commitment, we reflect on the number of fixed costs our congregation has (salaries, benefits, and administrative costs) as well as programming costs and contributions to the work of the wider church through the Mission & Service Fund. Our forecasted contributions for the year fall significantly short of these costs, which is not surprising in a time of transition. We ask you to consider giving generously towards our $30,000 fall appeal, as well as to consider what level of giving is possible next year. We hope you will consider a minimum 5% increase to your annual givings, and to look at whether there is room for further generosity (to reach our full goals, we need increases around 20%), so that we are able to continue as a vibrant community deeply engaged in the challenging and meaningful work of faith, justice, and the arts.

Please take a look at the accompanying documents as you continue to reflect on your own commitment to this welcoming home:

  • Narrative Budget (What do we spend our money on? What is the fall appeal? And much more…)
  • Pledge cards, both financial and talents
  • PAR form (to sign up for PAR for those not already giving)
  • Mission & Service information


If we turn to scripture for insight on houses, we quickly encounter the image of the tent. As nomadic people, and then wilderness people, the ancestors and descendants of Abraham often would have carried their houses with them, moving from place to place. Before the construction of the Temple by King Solomon, God was also understood to symbolically dwell in a tent among the people. The idea of God pitching a tent in our midst (dwelling among us) serves as a way to talk about the proximity of the divine in our lives. Commitment is like this image of setting up tent or creating a home. When we make commitments, we build something through our own gifts and alongside others. Thank you for your time and consideration this year.