On the Ground in Palestine, April 8, 2018

On the Ground in Palestine, April 8, 2018

 According to Sabeel, Jerusalem: on Good Friday, seventeen Palestinians were killed and more than a thousand Palestinians were wounded by Israeli fire as thousands of protesters marched to Gaza’s border with Israel. The protest on Friday, named the ‘Great March of Return’, was planned by several Palestinian civil society organizations and backed by all political factions to mark forty two years since the first commemoration of Land Day in Palestine.

It is now official that the United States of America has ceased to fund the Palestinian Authority (PA). This decision will not affect the budget which the United States provides for the Palestinian Authority’s security and intelligence forces, which is distinct from the funding which goes towards dealing with civilian issues within the PA.

Israeli Border Police briefly detained a three-year-old Palestinian boy in Hebron for allegedly throwing stones. A video posted online shows the father asking for his child to be returned to him.

PALM SUNDAY PROCESSION ATTACKED: Members of a procession marking Palm Sunday in occupied East Jerusalem were able to wave European flags. But when Palestinian flags came into view, Israeli soldiers attacked. On a weekly basis, peaceful Palestinian demonstrators who dare to raise their own flag are attacked by the occupation forces. (from Sabeel, Jerusalem)

The Washington Post re: Good Friday protests: Israeli authorities claimed they opened fire in response to some protesters who had encroached near the fence, burning tires and hurling stones or molotov cocktails. Footage that emerged from the chaotic scene suggested Israeli soldiers targeted unarmed protesters, including some who were running away and were shot from a distance by snipers.   The aftermath of the protests underscored both the desperate futility of the Palestinian struggle and the relative impunity with which Israel can snuff out Palestinian lives.”

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