On the Ground in Palestine, July 20, 2018

On the Ground in Palestine, July 20, 2018

According to Sabeel, Jerusalem, July 19:

The ‘Great March of Return’ protests continue for the fourth month as Palestinians call for the right of return. On Friday the 13th of July, Israeli soldiers shot and killed Othman Halas, a Palestinian teenager, who had been taking part in the border protests.


Last week, Israel launched the most intense wave of airstrikes on Gaza since the 2014 war, while militants in the enclave fired volleys of rockets at towns adjacent to the border. Now a ceasefire has been agreed between Israel and the different Palestinian factions.


Israeli forces destroyed more than 400 metres of water pipeline, which is a vital lifeline to the Palestinian farmers and Bedouin in the Jordan valley. Many have to eke out an existence in enclaves closed off by Israeli military zones, checkpoints, and more than 30 illegal Israeli settlements.


Recently, Israeli forces used bulldozers to raze the ground in search of water holes and have destroyed water sources in several areas in the Jordan Valley.


The Irish Senate has voted in favour of a bill prohibiting the importation and sale of goods and services originating in illegal Israeli settlements. 


On Saturday the 14th of July, 7000 Israeli demonstrators took part in a protest march in Tel Aviv against the proposed nation-state bill. If passed by the Knesset, this bill would allow Jewish-only communities and Hebrew would become Israel’s only official language. The bill cites Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, fixes the Hebrew calendar as the official calendar of state and recognizes Jewish holidaysIf passed, the legislation would constitute a violation of human rights, democracy, and complete disregard for international law. The bill would deprive Palestinian citizens in Israel of economic, as well as political and social rights.


From Frances Combs and the Middle East Working Group

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