On the Ground in Palestine, May 3, 2018

On the Ground in Palestine, May 3, 2018

Palestinian U.N. Aid Still $200 Million Short After Trump Cuts
From Reuters: “Emergency food aid for around a million Palestinians in Gaza may run out from June if the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees cannot raise another $200 million following a cut-off in U.S. funding, the agency said on Tuesday. … [Pierre] Kraehenbuehl, [who heads the U.N. Relief and Works Agency] warned of greater instability in Gaza in part because the economy is already suffering its deepest collapse after a decade of Israeli-led blockades, and internal Palestinian divisions in the coastal strip. Kraehenbuehl said the shortfall in funding for the agency could also mean there may not be enough money to re-open schools in August and September for the new academic year.”
Protest Casualties Compound Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis
Haaretz reported on UN numbers about the mass protests in Gaza: “Of the injured, 2,596 people were hospitalized in government hospitals, 773 in nongovernment hospitals and the rest were treated in the field. Of those in government hospitals, 1,499 were hit by live ammunition, 107 by sponge-tipped bullets, 408 suffered gas inhalation and 582 suffered other injuries; 2,142 were adults and 454 were minors. ‘Gaza’s health sector is struggling to cope with the mass influx of casualties, due to years of blockade, internal divide and a chronic energy crisis, which have left essential services in Gaza barely able to function,’ stated the report.”

 According to Sabeel, Jerusalem, May 3

A young deaf man, Tahrir Mahmoud Wahba, (18 years old), has died of the injuries he sustained during the ‘Great March of Return’ protest in the besieged Gaza Strip. The protest has continued for five weeks so far and during that time 45 Palestinians have been killed and 5500 have reportedly been injured.

Israeli authorities handed notifications on Saturday to confiscate forty two dunums, (over 10 acres) of Palestinian land in the village of al-Khader, to the south of Bethlehem in the Occupied West Bank.

In May 2014, Nadim Nuwarra, a 17-year-old youth, was taking part in a protest at the Beitunia checkpoint in the Occupied West Bank. Israeli border police officer Ben Deri was filmed shooting him dead, even though the lad posed no danger. Ben Deri has been sentenced to nine months in prison in a plea bargain with the Israeli Jerusalem District Court.

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