Second Sunday of Easter – Paul’s Hymn Blog

Second Sunday of Easter – Paul’s Hymn Blog

Sunday, April 8 2018

Second Sunday of Easter

Acts 4:32-35, Ps 133, 1 John 1:1-2:2, John 20:19-31

by Paul Stott


VU 168 – The Risen Christ (1993)

This text was written by United Church minister Nigel Weaver during the meeting of the Hymn Society in Toronto in 1993. The text looks beyond the events of Easter morning to reflect on a number of Jesus’ resurrection appearances, and their effect on his followers, both then and now. The hymn was first published in Voices United (1996).

The setting, WOODLANDS, by Walter Greatorex, was first published in the Public School Hymnbook (London, 1919) and is named for one of the houses at Gresham School, where he was director of music. The composer, Benjamin Britten, was one of Greatorex’s students.

MV 145 – Draw the Circle Wide (1994)

Author and composer Gordon Light, retired bishop of the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior (of British Columbia), is a well-known Canadian musician who composes, plays guitar and sings as a member of the Common Cup Company. Their musical ministry began when Light and the late Ian Macdonald (a United Church Minister), along with founding members Jim Uhrich, and Bob Wallace (also United Church Ministers) served at neighbouring churches in the early ’80’s. In the following decades the group wrote, performed, and recorded together despite living in different corners the country. Scott McDonald & Richard Betts joined the original quartet on bass & drums in the late ’90’s.

This arrangement is by Michael Bloss, Director of Music Ministries at Christ’s Church Cathedral, Hamilton.

Cross and Circle (2015)

This communion text is by our own Bill Kervin. The sparse nature of the poetry encourages our imaginations to expand the simple but profound images into a personal, intimate theological picture of the meaning of the sacrament. The repeated refrain reminds us of the closeness of God’s grace that we may find “here.”

The tune, CAIRDE, is by Lim Swee Hong, colleague of Bill at Emmanuel College. A native of Singapore, Swee Hong studied in Manila, in Dallas at SMU, and received his Ph.D. at Drew University in New Jersey. He held academic appointments in Singapore and at Baylor University in Texas before coming to Emmanuel College as Assistant Professor of Sacred Music and Director of the Master of Sacred Music program. He is a prolific composer of hymnody.

VU 482 – Shout for Joy! (1989)

This joyous song, written to follow communion, is from Love From Below (Glasgow, 1989), the third volume of Wild Goose Songs from the Iona Community.  The first three stanzas celebrate the gifts we have received in the communion meal: spiritual food, peace, new worth, faith, wonder, and communion with the saints in heaven.  The final stanza is a trinitarian doxology and affirmation of the present and coming kindom.

The lively setting, LANSDOWNE, is by John L. Bell, who since 1988 has been involved in the work of the Wild Goose Resource Group, the semiautonomous liturgical and musical project of the Iona Community. (The wild goose was a Celtic image for the Holy Spirit.)

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