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When the CJG decided to focus its energy on divestment, we recognized that there were other great avenues to greening our congregation that we were temporarily placing on the backburner.

Meeting our divestment goal has allowed us to move forward with two other major foci: alternative investments and more work on greening our own church building.

  • Alternative investments: CJG member Walter Whiteley has compiled an extensive list of Alternative Investment resources for individuals and institutions aiming to invest in green and socially responsible funds. This resource has been widely distributed and is one of the most-visited pages on TSP’s website!
  • Greening our church building: A Green Initiatives Fund collects donations from members of our congregation; the fund is invested in green funds, and the principal and earnings are available for capital projects that will green our church building. (See the organization Greening Sacred Spaces for similar projects.)


We look forward to working on these and other projects as we move into our post-divestment future!


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