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dovePeacemaking seeks long term sustainable solutions rather than polite agreements or uneasy and fragile truces to difficult conflicts. Peacemaking seeks to disenfranchise, or confront in a process of controlled escalation, those who seek unfair advantage, who exploit racial or class or gender differences, and who prefer to maintain disparities that favour themselves. The focus on peace making includes initiatives devoted to the Middle East (MEWG), refugees, and restorative justice.


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Middle East Working Group (MEWG)

The goals of the Middle East Working Group (MEWG) of Trinity-St. Paul’s and Bathurst congregations are:

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is about recognizing crime as a breach within a community, in which victim, offender and the community have all been harmed. It is a way of living together as a community.
Members of Trinity-St. Paul’s participate in several programs focussing on the re-integration ex-prisoners into the community. The Dismas Fellowship meets on alternate Fridays at Walmer Road Baptist Church. Another group, which meets at the Keele Centre on alternate Tuesdays, offers support for those living at this halfway house operated by Corrections Canada. Both of these programs are coordinated by the Friends of Dismas.