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Over the past year or so, there has been particular media attention to the refugee crisis in Syria, and the slow response of our Western nations. There is a conversation swirling through Trinity-St. Paul’s as well, about how we are already engaging, and can continue to offer support for refugees from Syria and elsewhere. Here is some of what is happening at Trinity-St. Paul’s, the United Church, and by people connected to our congregation. You may already be giving support, but perhaps this list may also help you offer support in other ways or remind you of what else is currently happening.

  • A member of the congregation is part of a group working to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. A call for support has gone out on the existing congregational listserve.
  • Turtle House, an organization that offers supports to refugees once they have reached Canada, is having a fundraising event at TSP on November 21st at TSP. You are welcome to attend and support this organization.
  • The United Church of Canada is offering encouragement and support for congregations sponsoring refugees, and there are many congregations and groups of congregations sponsoring refugees across the country.
  • The United Church of Canada has an appeal for Syrian refugees, and donations can be made online.
  • After offering financial and practical or logistical support, you are also invited to pray for those caught in the present refugee crisis.

Thank you for all those already actively working to welcome and care for refugees, and to those continuing to remind our congregation of its importance. This is a working list, and there will be likely be more information to come. Please let me know about any changes, details or other initiatives that should be shared.