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Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church has defined Climate Justice as a key priority for its mission education and advocacy work.

Our Climate Justice Group comes from the TSP community and we are deeply concerned about the present and future impacts of climate chaos. We worry that keeping more energy within the Earth’s atmosphere will lead to more intense flooding, droughts, and natural disasters. We are mostly concerned because the people facing the greatest threat from climate chaos are least responsible for the historic emissions and least able to adapt due to the unequal distribution of wealth.  Avoiding catastrophic climate chaos is our objective.

One way we have approached this challenge is by divesting our congregational funds from fossil fuels. The TSP Climate Justice pages, linked at right, detail this process. And for congregations interested in taking similar action, we have created a resource detailing Trinity St. Paul’s United Church’s experience of divesting our congregational funds from fossil fuels.

What is Climate Justice?


We believe all people of faith should be concerned about climate justice. Christians look to Christ’s example of solidarity with the marginalized for guidance on climate justice. We understand God’s mission as abundant life for all creatures; and we see reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions and ocean acidification as participating in God’s mission.
There have been many programs of education and action throughout civil society and in educational institutions over the last few years to address the public concern about the growing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.
These all are important and as individuals we have participated in many of them.  Our study has led us to engage our congregation in finding an appropriate avenue to express our community’s concern.  We have decided to join a growing global divestment movement calling on shifting investments away from the fossil fuel sector and toward something more Creation-friendly.