Permanent Position: September 3, 2019


Please submit a resume with covering letter plus names of 3 references to the Trinity St. Paul’s Ministry and Personnel Committee at:


INTERVIEWS: will be scheduled during workday JUNE 17th, 2019

(Replies will be sent by June 14th only to those selected for interview)

Position Title: Communications and Administration Coordinator for Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church

Purpose: To support the cohesion, efficiency and effectiveness of the Trinity St. Paul’s United Church (TSP) congregation by providing coordination, administration and communications support to the Minister, Music Director, Church Board and congregation.

Relationships: Accountable to the Church Board through the Ministry and Personnel Committee. Works collaboratively with the congregation, Church Board, Minister, Music Director, and General Manager. Acts as staff resource to the Communications Committee.

Liaises regularly with:

  • congregational staff, the Board, congregational leaders and members.
  • the General Manager of the TSP Centre and other Centre staff.
  • the liaison person appointed by the Ministry and Personnel Committee .
  • members of the public seeking information and connection with the TSP congregation.

Terms of Employment:

  • Full time, normally 40 hours per week, normally Sunday-Thursday.
  • Salary around $50,000. (Pay scale as determined by the Church Board plus standard benefits and pension.)

Note: employment will begin with a 3-month probationary period during which period employment may be ended by either party with 2 weeks written notice.

Major Responsibilities:

A. Worship and Congregational Events

  • Prepares bulletins and other supports (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) for weekly worship and special services in collaboration with the Minister, Music Director and relevant congregational members.
    • Provides audiovisual and technical support for worship services and some congregational events.
    • In collaboration with the Minister, provides assistance for special services such as funerals, memorial services and weddings, including but not limited to preparation of order of service, space bookings and audiovisual setup and support.
    • Provides communication, logistics and promotion support for the TSP Annual
    • Meeting and other major congregational events as per the event planning processes.

B.  Communications and Coordination

  • Acts as a coordination hub for communications at TSP through regular liaison with the Board, Committees, Circles and working groups. Attends Church Board meetings as an observer, as required. Receives minutes, reports and other documents, and ensures this information is shared regularly with congregational members who require it to do their work.
    • In collaboration with the Communications Committee or Board representative for communications, operates and maintains the key communications channels within the congregation including Life and Work announcements, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging updates, discussion and announcement listservs, distribution of TSP Times newsletter (online and hard copy), bulletin board, narthex information screens and lightbox posters.
    • Updates the TSP website, including Members Only section. Facilitates regular blogging by TSP groups.
    • Maintains and publishes an up-to-date church calendar of activities, and alerts appropriate people about potential issues such as schedule conflicts.
    • Contributes to the congregation’s communication strategy with the Communications or other appropriate Committee
    • Coordinates production and distribution of the TSP Annual Report and other congregational publications in collaboration with the Church Board Secretary.
    • Distributes communications from outside TSP to appropriate persons within TSP.

C.  Congregational Operations

  • Provides audiovisual set-up, training and support for TSP groups as required.
  • Provides Audio Visual recording, editing and posting of Sunday Services.
  • Maintains the TSP directories and provides relevant statistical information to the Membership Coordinator.
  • Files, backs up and archives electronic documents, minutes and policies and procedures in accordance with United Church best practices and provides hard copies when requested or required.
  • Orders worship and congregational materials as required.
  • Processes congregational expenses with appropriate financial coding.

D.    Other

  • May assist at the front desk to support and relieve staff of the TSP Centre in emergency situations.

Competencies required for the position:

  • highly developed organizational skills
  • highly developed interpersonal skills
  • highly developed written and verbal communication skills
  • highly developed research and problem solving skills
  • ability to organize and share information on a timely basis in an environment of constant change
  • proficiency in website maintenance and social media
  • proficiency in Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Adobe Suite and WordPress
  • demonstrated knowledge of audio visual equipment, recording and basic editing
  • familiarity with best practices in Communication Strategies
  • familiarity with United Church
  • flexibility and ability to work effectively in a dynamic environment
  • ability to work independently or as part of a team with other staff and volunteers
  • strong judgment; maturity in dealing with multiple stakeholders
  • ability to work with sensitivity and discretion in a faith community.

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