Children's Church

At TSP Children’s Church Program and Tween Leadership, we would like to engage our neighbouring communities to offer our programs to their youth groups and young families. We hope you’ll learn from our reflections on our story and our activities!

Nurturing Awesome Human Beings

  • Sundays 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Spiritual  & Social Justice Themes
  • IN-Person Drop-in Program
  • Stories-Crafts-Games & Friends!

Our goal for the TSP Children’s Program is to provide:

  • Community sharing and caring supported in Love
  • Nurture Spiritual Life Path with God as Centre
  • Exploration of Social Justice, Cultural Arts, and Peace Strengthening Faith nourishing the Creative Spirit.
  • Children (4-8). Programming will explore themes of partnership, environmental responsibility, duty, and faith through bible stories such as Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Whale, the Creation Story, and others. Arts and play based activities will teach the lessons of Christianity while providing a fun and active environment
  • Tweens (9-12). The theme of the tween program will focus on identity  – what makes us who we are and how faith and Christianity influence our identity. Activities will be both active and analytical to cater to this age group. In the second half of the year programming will expand to explore other cultures and faiths. Themes of worship, faith, divine law, evolution and creation, religious community, etc. will be explored using stories such as The Book of Job, Sermon on the Mount, the Story of Creation, etc.


  • to help grow TSP’s Children’s Church, and our congregation of younger families, by helping to create a vibrant, engaging, faith-based program where children want to tell their friends to come along!
  • support and encourage the facilitators and volunteers as they creatively implement the vision of TSP for the children in a community of faith that:
  • grounds itself in Christian faith through spiritual practice and theological reflection
  • witnesses publicly, takes a stand on issues of social justice locally and globally, and deepens its relationship with the arts community, other faith communities and its neighbours
  • gathers in worship that nourishes, challenges and embraces diversity
  • reflects TSP’s identity as a Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts.

Seasonal Interactive Community Based Activities & Projects

  • Halloween Extravaganza Fun Space & Party
  • Christmas Pageant & Bazar
  • Winter Skating Party
  • Spring Garden Picnic
  • Puppet Karaoke & Puppetry Arts
  • Storytelling & Song Creation

For further information and to register contact: Douglas Hurst, Program Coordinator