Anti-Racism Work Group

At TSP we have embarked on a journey to understand Systemic Racism.

We came to understand that it enables the we/them” story. It keeps the other” in a place of inferiority so that the we” can flourish. We have learned about whiteness, privilege, and systemic systems of oppression. 

Systemic racism is  soul-destroying. This is not the God-stuff that we were made in. We intend to follow our faith by learning about our part in systemic racism. As allies, we will help to dismantle and reform racist institutions in Toronto that undermine the spiritual, psychological, physical and economic well-being and equality of our BIPOC community. We will amplify our voices by collaborating with other like-minded organizations. 

Two major themes of learning and advocacy are being pursued as we, as a faith community, seek ways we can make a difference:

  • Reducing police violence within the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of colour) community
  • Advocating for a civilian-led mental health crisis response service and supporting its success.   

You are warmly invited to join in this work. Please contact Janet at 

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