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Sunday Service: Worship with us every Sunday at 10:30 a.m in person or online on Zoom, followed by Coffee Hour on Zoom only. The service will also be available online to be watched later on for those who are not able to attend at 10:30 AM. 

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Meeting ID: 982 4348 7606

Passcode: 105035


If you have any questions, please email Pradeep at pgade@trinitystpauls.ca

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COVID-19 Protocols: everyone attending worship in-person must sign in upon arrival for contact tracing. You must sanitize your hands and wear a mask at all times while inside, and maintain 2 meters social distance from others not in your immediate household. Vaccination is mandatory; exemptions apply.  Singing unfortunately will not be permitted, but we encourage you to hum along 🙂  Coffee hour will be available on Zoom afterwards.

Message from TSP Board

July 27, 2021
Dear TSP community, neighbours, and friends,  I hope this note finds you well, and having a restful and rejuvenating summer.  With Ontario well into Step Three of its reopening plan and September just around the corner, I wanted to provide an update on our plans for Sunday services at TSP.  During August, and on September 5th, we will continue to worship on Zoom. As we have done for decades, we will welcome our friends from Bloor Street to worship with us for August. September 12th will be a Welcome Back Sunday like no other. I'm excited to say that we intend to resume in-person services that Sunday! What should I expect when I come to worship?  When you arrive, you will be asked to provide your contact information for contact tracing purposes. Seating in the sanctuary will not be pre-assigned.  Rather, you will find clusters of seats marked as available. One, two, three, and four seats will be clustered together. Please find a cluster of seats that matches the size of your household/bubble. If you are able, please try to sit in the balcony to allow more room on the main floor for those with mobility issues. Please also remember that clusters have been spaced apart to maintain social distancing. Your mask must be worn at all times during the service. Although our wonderful soloists will provide musical leadership, there will be no congregational singing for the foreseeable future. If you wish, soft humming under your mask will be permitted. After the service, please exit the building. Coffee Hour will remain online, at 2pm Sunday afternoons. What if I am unable to come to worship or don't feel ready?  I'm thrilled to say that a long-standing goal of ours is being achieved.We are in the process of purchasing the equipment necessary to be able to live-stream our services online. I anticipate live-streaming will begin in the early fall.  I'm truly looking forward to seeing you on September 12th.  Please don't hesitate to email me at chair@trinitystpauls.ca if you have any questions.  Blessings,  Colin Phillips  Chair of the Church Board

In This Time of COVID-19, TSP’s Ministry Continues

TSP's Children's Church latest Covid-19 Protocols *Online Engagement for Fall Homecoming

Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo, C.M.



Only woman to sign We Demand, first gay rights demo in Canada. Marched in Toronto's first Pride. 


Performed the first legalized same-sex marriage in Canada


Elected MPP - passed most private bills in Ontario's history and most LGBTQ bills in Canadian history


Appointed to the Order of Canada


Minister at Trinity-St. Paul's United Church and Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts

Climate Justice Resources

Trinity St. Paul’s United Church’s journey of divestment of our congregational funds from fossil fuels, and subsequent reinvestment in Alternative Energy


Divesting our congregational funds from fossil fuels, the actions we took and the lessons we learned

Alternative Investment

A summary of available resources for reinvestment in alternative energy sources

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A repository of links to background resources and media articles

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What's new in the life of the church

Carols by Candlelight

The Choir of Trinity-St.Paul’s United Church


Carols By Candlelight

with special guests

Every Voice Matters Chorus and Community Choir,

VIVA Singers Toronto

Sunday, December 12, 7pm

TSP requires that everyone attending is fully vaccinated

Zoom link for the Carols by Candlelight  service:


Meeting ID: 816 5775 6613

Passcode: 079582

From the Anti-Racism Working Group

The Trinity St. Paul’s (TSP) Anti-Racism Group is making an urgent request to TSP members to write to your city councillors about policing policy in Toronto.

TSP’s Anti-Racism Group became aware earlier this year of a report by a 28-member umbrella group, the Toronto Neighbourhood Centres (TNC), called ‘Rethinking Community Safety: a Step Forward for Toronto.’  This landmark report was endorsed by many other organizations, including Black Lives Matter, Social Planning Toronto, and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. It pointed to a new direction for the City of Toronto: redirect policing resources to non-policing alternatives for four key groups – youth, and people experiencing homelessness, mental health crises, and gender-based violence.

The TNC has asked for our help in furthering the original intention of a unanimous vote last February at City Council to create a Community Crisis Support Service Pilot. The report from city staff was requested by year end 2021

Unfortunately, the intention of that motion has essentially been undermined by a decision at the Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) to beef up the police response, albeit with co-located mental health nurses. Rather than the city’s getting on with the pilot projects to have a non-police community response for non-violent mental health calls, the TPS has upped the number of police involved! The TNC has asked all of those familiar with their original report to intervene now with letters to city councillors to get on with the plan for the pilot projects.

TSP has already responded with a letter from our Chair of the Church Board, Colin Phillips, and our Minister, Cheri DiNovo, to the mayor and all councillors. It is attached below, so please take a look at it

Now we need to request your help in furthering the original intention of the motion by City Council by writing to your own city councillor about this issue. 

Please copy both TSP and the TNC on your letter.  Send the TSP copy of your letter to Beverley Eadie at admin@trinitystpauls.caShe will keep a record of what we have done collectively.  Send the TNC copy to: Serena Nudel at Serena.Nudel@tngcs.org.  

On behalf of our Anti-Racism Committee, I sincerely thank you in advance for taking the time to write to your city councillor today about this issue!

Peace and love,

Betty Butterworth   

November 23, 2021

Mayor John Tory and Toronto City Councillors

City Hall

100 Queen St W.

Toronto ON M5H 2N2

Dear Mayor Tory and Councillors,

We urge you to recommit to developing a concrete multi-year plan to move interventions with vulnerable people from the police to more appropriate community services and involve the community in that process. We applauded the unanimous vote in February to create four community safety and crisis support service pilots to test a new, non-police led, approach to non-emergency, non-violent calls, including those involving persons in crisis. We thought mental health calls would receive a response by trained mental health practitioners, rather than police. The immediate implementation of what meets the original intent would be a tangible example of your recent commitment to a comprehensive mental health and addictions strategy. Rather the Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) has agreed to more police partnering with mental health nurses in the Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams (MCIT), but the Toronto Police Service (TPS) continues to take the calls. This does not work, according to the excellent Toronto Neighbourhood Centres’ (TNC) report, ‘Rethinking Community Safety: A Step Forward for Toronto.’  

The 28 members of the TNC, along with others endorsing the report, are a formidable group of experts in the areas examined in that report! The Rethink Policing initiative by the TNC has a clear call to action: redirect policing resources to non-policing alternatives for four key groups – youth, and people experiencing homelessness, mental health crises, and gender-based violence. We want to see a coherent and strategic plan to expand non-police responses, adopt a timeline for engaging community, and redirect policing funds to alternatives.

Why are we interested in this issue? Trinity St. Paul’s United Church and Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts (the themes in our church mission), is located in the annex, but has members from all over the city. We are an inclusive community affirming that all, regardless of ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, race, or sexual orientation are full participants in our membership and leadership. Our justice activities include the Indigenous Rights Solidarity Group, climate justice activities, and the Middle East Working Group. 

After world-wide anger about George Floyd’s murder and calls by Black Lives Matter to defund the police, our members began studying our own and societal systemic racism and white privilege. Institutional racism, particularly against Black and Indigenous communities, was evident in the criminal justice system – courts, jails, and police. The TNC report prescribes the best response to the latter! 

We are currently sponsoring a 3-part series, ‘Creating our Best Future: How to Build a Genuinely Inclusive City’ (flyer attached). We will expand our efforts, along with other faith communities, to influence justice in our city. A good place to start is with a rationalization of community safety. Remove the police from responsibilities best undertaken by others! We will follow closely the city’s future gains in achieving these and other reforms.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Phillips, MSW, PhD. Rev. Dr. Cheri di Novo CM

Chair of the Church Board Minister

cc. TPSB, ARAP, TNC, SURJ, Faith in the City, Toronto Area Interfaith Council

Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church and Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts
427 Bloor St W, Toronto ON M5S 1X7  | (416) 922-8435 | www.trinitystpauls.ca | tsp@trinitystpauls.ca

Trinity – St. Paul’s Speaker Series: Creating Our Best Future

CREATING OUR BEST FUTURE SPEAKER SERIES: How To Build A Genuinely inclusive City


In Person:  427 Bloor St West, Toronto 

Live Zoom:  https://tinyurl.com/4f2zxnshYouTube:  https://tinyurl.com/5e5an4tt  (Watch Later)           

On Our Web Site:  https://www.trinitystpauls.ca/

A few words of greeting from Don Middleton, August 13, 2020

“He will lift you up on angels’ wings”

I discovered that angels are very real and they are the people who have known and supported me at TSP through the dark days at St. Michael’s Hospital, in my recovering days at Bridgepoint and in the visits I’ve had since I came home.

The matter of the Prayer List has been for me always somewhat of a hollow part of the Sunday service because for the names on the list we never knew whether they were dead, dying or improving, born or married, and so we really did not know what we were praying for.  I think the idea could be upgraded when we get back to normal service by a few notes in the bulletin that explain the situation we are praying for. I will add a bit of humour because I have not ever encouraged putting my name in the Prayer List.  Some years back, after my being in the hospital for 10 days, Karen and Hal found out I was in the hospital and came to see me after service, complaining about the fact that I had not asked to be on the Prayer List.  With usual Middleton incisive rapport I said, “Well, if it didn’t work it would be bad for your business.”

This note should contain my feelings toward the pastoral care I received from Cheri.  On my darkest days she appeared regularly in my room to shepherd me into choosing to live and for this I am grateful. Also, Colin offered messages of hope for my continued participation in my pink world.

I would add that I had a nice call from the Wednesday Prayer Group indicating that I had been included. I further add on the issue of prayer, a quotation that I often repeat to myself: “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, uttered or unexpressed; it is the motion of the hidden fire that trembles in your breast”

I would take a moment to say for those of us who are not out socializing that a telephone call is very important. I find it difficult to call out because I have to have Filomeno dial the call. But perhaps to give you another laugh, on a really bad day I may only get a call from a scammer and I have found a way to entertain myself but not them.  If it’s a man I ask them how old they are, if they are good-looking and whether I am to meet them at the subway station as the sex partner I had ordered. This usually terminates the conversation with a scammer.

The personal care I have received form Filomeno has sustained me in my home but we both look forward to when I can take sweets to church.

“I know not what the future holds of marvel or surprise; I only know I cannot drift beyond the love and care of TSP.”

This message was made possible by the secretarial and social support of Carol Gallagher.

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How to Get Here - Trinity-St.Paul's is accessible by public transit. The nearest TTC station is Spadina Station, located just north of the intersection of Spadina and Bloor. For a full accessibility exit from the subway station, use the Spadina Street exit. Head south to Bloor street, then turn right and head west to the next intersection at Robert Street. TSP is located at the southwest corner of Bloor Street and Robert Street. For accessible entry use the main entrance on Bloor Street on the north side of the building.

Accessibility - TSP is fully accessible on the main floor, including access to the main door, Sanctuary (Jeanne Lamon Hall), gymnasium, Circle Room, Memorial Room, Chapel, Studio and washroom. Trinity-St. Paul’s also owns a wheelchair for use within the building. Staff are available to assist you when needed; please just inform us and we are happy to help.

Service Animals and Support Persons - Service animals are welcome in all parts of our premises that are open to the public. Special seating is also available in the Sanctuary (Jeanne Lamon Hall) for people with disabilities arriving with a service animal or a personal support worker.

Parking - Paid parking, including accessible parking, is available across the street on Robert Street at the Green P lot on the south side of the Metro grocery store.

Training for Staff - TSP provides training to all staff as well as volunteers, including an overview of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the requirements of the customer service standard’s plan.  



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