Sanctuary Rental Information

Setup States for Renting Groups

Trinity-St. Paul’s is a working church on Sundays as well as a concert hall.

What state the Sanctuary will be in (church, concert, concert with choir) on the day that you rent it will depend on what came before you and will be indicated to you by the front desk staff or by our technician Gordon Peck. The standard agreement is that the hall is left in “church state” and returned to “church state” at the expense of the renting groups. This work must be done by our trained crew and cannot be done by your volunteers or staff onsite as the floor scratches easily and the chairs have very specific places (under the stage in specific trolleys) where they are stored. So, in order to maintain the hall, it must be done by us.

Therefore, it’s very important that you understand the state that the hall will be in when you arrive and if you are willing to fully accept that (i.e., not moving chairs or risers yourself) or if you need to pay for a crew call to put the hall in the state that you desire.

Below you’ll find descriptions of the standardized states. Please indicate to the front desk staff what state you would like the hall in when you arrive. They will then put you in contact with our technical team if necessary. They will also enter into your booking what state you asked for. We ask that if you wish to vary from this you call us one week or more in advance to make this request. You will not be allowed to change this set up on your own.

Thank you,
Trinity-St. Paul’s staff team

Standard Church Setup

Front three rows of floating chairs are removed, total downstairs house count is 163 including 8 wheelchair spots Choir chairs are onstage Communion Table, Podium, and Bishops Chairs can be moved to the side by front desk staff, but can’t be fully put away without a crew in to do so.

Concert with Choir Setup

Wanger decks onstage (additional rental charge), three front rows of floating chairs in (223 on main floor including 8 wheelchair spots)

Concert (No Choir) Setup

No decks onstage, no chairs onstage, front three rows of chairs in (223 on main floor including 8 wheelchair spots

Items Available In Hall

Must be requested in advance to ensure availability and establish if crew is needed for set up

No Rental Fee

Included at no extra cost

Rental Fee

May also include setup and/or operation fees