A community of Faith, Justice and the Arts
in the heart of Toronto’s Annex

Come and join us anytime. Sunday Services: 10:30am

427 Bloor Street West

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Worship of God, nurture of one another, and the struggle to be faithful to God’s purposes lie at the centre of our community and our outreach. We affirm that all who seek to live faithfully regardless of ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, race or sexual orientation are full participants and are urged to take full responsibility in the life, membership and leadership of the church.



We seek to be a community of faith that:

  • witnesses publicly as a Christian community
  • takes a stand on issues of social justice, locally and globally
  • deepens our relationship with the arts community, with other faith communities and with our neighbours.


The Arts

Trinity-St. Paul’s (TSP) Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts is a vibrant community hub in downtown Toronto that has been serving the local and extended neighbourhood for more than 125 years. Today, we are home to 60 organizations – cultural, educational, religious, recreational, community and social service groups.

Upcoming Events at TSP

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    Listening to the Spirit

    Want to know more about where our congregation is headed? Visit our Listening to the Spirit page at http://www.trinitystpauls.ca/listening-to-the-spirit/.


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    Hours of Operation

    Monday - Saturday   9am - 11pm
    Sunday                          9am - 10pm
    Phone   (416) 922 - 8435 ext. 21
    Email   tsp@trinitystpauls.ca

    Church Office

    Tuesday & Thursday   9am - 6pm
    Wednesday & Friday   9am - 5pm
    Phone   (416) 922 - 8435 ext. 23
    Administrator   admin@trinitystpauls.ca