Bronze Foundation Academy (Bell Choir – Ann Rowland)

Bronze Foundation Academy

Spring  2020 Virtual Choir Project

Bronze Foundation Academy (BFA) is a community based, twelve member handbell choir with membership across the GTA:  Mississauga, Toronto,  Pickering,  Markham,  Nobleton.  It is a gently auditioned handbell choir with most members providing music leadership within their home churches.  J.C. Coolen leads this lively group of bell ringers.  You may remember him if you attended one of the  Hands on the Handbells Workshops sponsored by TSP last year. 

This virtual choir project sprang into production last March when COVID19 struck.  Suddenly the practices went online without the playing of bells.  Concerts were cancelled.  Strategies for the possible development of strengths, and technical knowledge within the group were discussed.  Logistics regarding the location and accessibility of handbells and handchimes were sought. 

Once each member received their musical allocation, each was tasked with recording the assigned allocation(s), in their own home, with their own equipment.  This was definitely a stretch for most of us.  My living room became a recording studio and stayed that way until all the takes were accepted.  Then it was time for the technicians to make it all fit together.  This process was hugely time consuming and extremely involved.  The final product of this collaboration is this YOUTUBE Video – Bronze Foundation Academy; Spring 2020 Virtual Choir Project Michael Mazzatenta, Larghetto in D Minor.  I hope you enjoy the viewing.  Ann Rowland

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